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Our classic Julia Gaucho boot is one of our iconic boots first made in 1997. Julia is made of natural cow leather with an Escovado finish, which has been one of our signature materials in two decades.The Escovado leather gives a natural look, where all boots have slight differences in texture and color and this makes every pair of boots unique. The Escovado leather is made by the best Portuguese tanneries with optimal craftmanship.

Heel height: 35mm.

Color: Black.

Made in: Portugal.


100% cow leather.

Lining material: 100% cognac pig leather.

Sole material: Thunit, a specially developed high quality sole with a high wear resistance.


Fits true to size, however if you are between sizes, you should size up.



All of our products need to be used with respect to the materials used. We do not take any responsibility for any treatment products used on our products after they are received by the costumer.


Escovado leather: The Escovado leather is a natural product that is made from 100% cow leather. The Escovado leather we use is one of our signature materials that we have used for over 2 decades. The Escovado leather is made by the best tanneries in Portugal. The Escovado leather Has received treatment with wax in the tanning process, so it reacts with hot and cold temperatures, so when it goes from hot to cold temperatures, it can get a white shade, but this can be removed with any piece of cloth. This treatment helps protect the boots for normal city wear, but if you are planning to use the boots in rainy/snowy weather, we recommend using heavier protection or a protective spray, but any after-production treatment will always be a compromise of the originally intended look. If you want to enhance the appearance of the leather after the boots have been used for some time, we have experienced that you can use window spray on a piece of cloth and wipe on the leather.


Thunit soles: The Thunit soles are specially developed high quality soles with high wear resistance. These soles are made from synthetic material and are covered with a soft cushion and a leather inner sole so they remain comfortable. In the start, they can be a bit slippery, but as they get worn, they will get a better grip. These soles are made to be perfect for everyday city wear, but if you are planning to use them under harsher circumstances, it can be a good idea to get them resoled.

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